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Talk with a COACH. Set your GOALS. Make a PLAN.


We value drive and determination. Challenging ourselves, pushing past our limits, and getting uncomfortable is how we explore our potential and achieve our goals.


We value a positive community. Being respectful, empathetic, and caring for each other is how we foster a safe, supportive and fun environment.

continual Development

We value a growth mindset. Being humble and open-minded, and seeking out opportunities to learn and grow is how we better ourselves & live better, healthier lives.

personal training

Personal training is great for those who have specific goals and who prefer to work under the direct guidance of a Coach. Our options range from 1-on-1 to small group, or 30-60min sessions.

What our Members Say

"I joined Base 3 whilst rehabbing from a horse riding accident.

I can’t thank the team enough for all the help, support and encouragement they have given me.

My fitness has improved massively, but more importantly so has my overall health and confidence."

Cara Brunwin

"Craig used to be my coach in one of the places where I used to train. I came to the Base 3’s first class ever, just to see it and try it.

That was it for me! I knew that’s my new Base right away.

Everything about it was perfect- coaching, place, vibe, people."

Jelena Tustić

"Legit the best coaches and gym in the UAE by a landslide.

If you're looking for a great mix of community, coaching, hard work and a place where they remember your name, this is the place.

10/10 couldn't recommend enough."

Brendin venter

"Tried all 3 crossfit gyms in the Marina and JLT area.

Here has the best facilities, coaches are great and really friendly, free parking and the staff helping with membership were super helpful."

Jordan Asghar

"Amazing facility, fantastic community and the best coaches.

Not intimidating for beginners and a great motivation to be stronger, faster, bendier and just happier overall!

Thanks guys and gals!"

Tamara Ghazi

This place is amazing. Sickest gym in the city.

Coolest people and the best energy!!!

Ben Watts


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