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group training MEMBERSHIPS

Join our classes! Group training is awesome if you have general strength and fitness goals and are motivated by the social element of the gym.

Perfect if you're all-in and want to be able to get to the gym whenever the heck you want!
AED 1,050/mo*
Unlimited Sessions
Access to All Classes + Open Gym
* On recurring memberships only
Perfect if you want a bit of flexibility and don't want to spend all of your training time in the gym.
AED 850/mo*
10 x Sessions
Access to All Classes
* On recurring memberships only


Our personalised options are awesome if you have specific goals,
or if you prefer or need to work closely with a Coach.

Work with your Coach 1-on-1 or in a small group.
AED 3,150
10 sessions
Ask us about our Hybrid Packs that include classes and Lifestyle Coaching.
Work remotely with your Coach to follow a program designed specifically for you.
AED 1,575
‚Äć4 weeks
Consultation and check-ins with Coach
Program delivered via True Coach
Access to Open Gym
Learn everything you need to know about CrossFit so you’re ready to jump into class.
AED 945
3 PT sessions
Movement Assessment
Coach check-ins for first month of CF


No problem! Get in touch for a chat and let's figure out the best option for you.

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